Hands of Time - Personal Assistance and Home Management


Carolyn has been a great help to me professionally in auditing of data and database updating/maintenance. Her grasp of how business works and a decision tree she and I created to maximize the update of information in my business database, rather than just simply entering data, allowed her to provide logical inquiry and data updating for the best and most accurate outcome. This service is truly valuable to me and hard to come by, particularly on a “project basis”.

I would highly recommend her services, she is intelligent, reliable and creative. Our initial project has turned into an ongoing maintenance assignment between us and having her as a resource I can tap as needed to maintain business records is really helpful.

Tracy B. Boston, MA

I have nothing but good things to say about Carolyn. At the moment my husband and I are at our home in Nantucket for a couple of weeks. We needed a change of scenery. Carolyn will be checking on our house in Boston. She will be picking up mail and packages. I trust her completely. She has always been extremely reliable, responsible and trustworthy. She is great person . I like her a lot. She takes care of our dog when we travel. We treat him like a baby so it’s a really big deal who we let take care of him. She has taken care of many other things for us as well.

Roseann E., Watertown, MA

Carolyn is excellent. She is professional and trustworthy.  She is also a trouble shooter if something should go wrong in your home and a repair is needed.  Carolyn has helped us out during our absences for many years now. She checks on the house, tends to plants, brings in the mail, picks up the random packages dropped off by usps.  I have also called Carolyn for help with errands when I'm crazy busy and can't get to things like: getting a new watch battery, donating clothes to shelters, mailing packages, picking up dry cleaning, etc. I highly recommend her.

Lisa J., Boston, MA

Carolyn was recommended to us by a family friend at a time when we were attempting to care for my elderly, homebound aunt via long distance. Carolyn was a godsend. She is a consummate professional in providing services for managing personal affairs including bill-paying, grocery shopping, making and attending medical appointments, and handling myriad miscellaneous errands. Carolyn is meticulous with record keeping and was also extremely reliable in keeping us informed about not only my aunt’s personal business, but she was also willing to assess an elderly lady’s general well-being and kept us informed.

After my aunt passed away, Carolyn also assisted us with cleaning out the apartment, addressing some research and record keeping tasks for the estate, organizing items for donation, and packing up and dispatching items that we wanted to retain as keepsakes. Carolyn went above and beyond for my aunt and our family. She is competent, trustworthy, and compassionate.

I am honored to consider Carolyn as not only a business associate but also a friend after interacting with her for well over 5 years.

Ann & John, Reedsburg, WI

I appreciated Carolyn's professionalism. I need someone on an ad-hoc basis and she is very flexible, but also had a contract for me to sign and takes notes on the instructions. Although we have just begun our relationship, I plan on using her extensively going forward.

Chris D., Boston, MA

I have an 11 year old Yorkie/Silkie terrier mix named Jaxon who adores Carolyn. Carolyn has been caring for Jaxon for more than 8 years when my husband and I travel. She takes him to her home which he loves and treats him as a member of her family. If he has special needs Carolyn easily accommodates them- such as giving meds, following a special diet. She likes to walk so Jaxon gets plenty of exercise and gets to explore new surroundings. In addition to caring for Jaxon she cares for dogs belonging to several of my friends. Carolyn also takes care of cats in their homes and gives them time and attention while there. I HIGHLY recommend Carolyn as a dog/pet sitter. They don't come better!!

Ellen P., Boston, MA