Pet Sitting

Are you a pet owner who:
  • travels for business
  • must leave your pets home while vacationing
  • spends long days at work

    If you've answered yes to at least one of the above, then you should consider engaging a pet sitter. Hands of Time is owned and run by a responsible experienced pet lover. We will give your pet hugs and kisses when you aren't able to. With over 20 years of experience as a pet lover we have seen to their daily needs, nursed them through illnesses, and cared for chronic conditions. We adore animals and give your pets the same loving care we give to our own.

    In addition to caring for your pets we will take in your newspapers, adjust your lights and windows as necessary, and water your house plants at no extra charge. For an additional fee we will also water your garden.

    Should you prefer to have your pet stay with us rather than alone in your home, we can make arrangements provided the desired dates are not already set aside for another pet.

    How the Service Works
    When you call Hands of Time, we will arrange a visit to your home to:
  • meet you and your pets
  • get detailed information about caring for your pets
  • pick up a door key
  • complete a service agreement

    This will ensure that your pets get the best possible care while you're away.

    Pet Sitting is billed on a per visit basis starting at $18

    You can read about some of the cats and dogs we have cared for here:
    Siena, Meitze, Fang and Manny
    Pet Gallery

    Pictured below, left to right: Hank, Manny, Bruno, Frank, Jaxson

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